Do mistakes deserve to be remembered ?

27 Oct

Is there is any valid or supporting point to remember or stumble upon mistakes ?

How do you define mistakes ?

Mistakes are those actions which lead to something undesirable, unexpected or untolerable; so it all depends on the situation whether the action results to anything better or worse. If any action results to something undesirable which can grive us or shatter our expectations then we will call that action as mistakes.

But do we need to remember mistakes?
Answers may vary depending upon the individual perspective and the mistakes committed.

Like other human beings, i have also done such type of actions, of which some are very much dreadful. One thing I have done in my past which i never expect from myself and will never expect.

“I had had a chat with a girl in which i spoke to her in such a way that i can never think of doing even in my dreams. I was so rude and the way, i was talking, was totally untolerable. It was like cursing somebody what i felt afterwards. As soon as i realised i apologise and started to prevent myself from talking to girls or even if i did, i have that with very much senstivity. I just became afraid of myself that “Kahin phir se na ho jaye ?”(means what if i repeat what i have done that time ?)

Does that thing deserve to be reminded or should we walk through any of those type of incidents which we think we should not have done ?

One major thing which is the reason for such type of incidents is that “person could not control oneself for the certain moment and due to any reason whether that be selfishness, greediness, love, affection or whatever that doesn’t matter” means could not control the devil inside and let that rule you. That devil forces the person do the things which are socially, morally and even personally criticised and neglected. Whether others remember his/her mistakes or not but wheneva he/she stumbles upon those incidents that haunt. For some it affects to small extent while for some it matters so much that they aren’t able to google those things down the throat and not able to face the mirror.

We should remember them. That will preach us the lesson but don’t let them worry you to death. Those who learn and move on with resolution that these things shall not be repeated, get away happily and travel the journey of the life smoothly.

It’s so dark in the midnight

29 Jul

Midnight bells are ringing,
sheet of darkness spread over the whole sky,
neither moon or stars are eyed,
where they have gone,
no rain is there,
neither clouds are roaming around,
why there is so much silence in and around me despite so much noise,
what i could find are,
sounds of screeching insects,
not a pinch of light through canopy of trees,
nothing seems comfy,
sitting alone
tries to look beyond the horizon 
and into the distant sky,
eyes are searching for something
may get someone to share
but didn't find any
because “It's so dark in midnight”.

waiting for you …

8 Jul

always liked the way you stare at things

you know i love your eyes

whenever i see you my heart begins to throb

i stopped thinking about anything but you

everything starts to move in slow motion

you are so close

but why do you seem so distant ?

now everything is paused …


why have you gone so much away ?

come close naa…

my eyes and clouds both are raining…

my heart and thunder both are pounding…

my breathes and winds both are swifting heavily…

my eyes is still looking for clamness of your eyes…


but still my feelings and affection are same

that will never change

will remain firm like sun

i am still waiting…


the girl whom i love

15 May

the girl whom I love

she looks so pretty that I can’t unseize my eyes off her

There is so much charm on her face that I want to keep looking her

her eyes, full of innocence, sparkles when she laughs

her cuteness multiplied thousand times when she smiles

Why is she unaware of my feelings?


the girl whom I love

she looks most beautiful girl

When she dances in rain,

Leaves are falling on her face,

Water drops are touching her cheeks,

her hairs are tossing on her shoulders,

Why am I playing hide & seek with ‘er?


the girl whom I love

Why is she ignorant of my feeling?

Would she ever come to how much I love her?

Does she have any clue or my love and affections towards her?

Or I will be only playing hide & seek with her.




Friends are awesome.

24 Mar Funny-friendship-quotes

Friends …

What does this word stand for?

Is there any specific type of person whom We call friends?

Does any definition exist for friends?

Well as far as my experience, vigilance and speculations have tried to look out, I don’t find any. If you find any do tell me.

Well I can say somewhat I know whom to quote as friends and who doesn’t deserve to be.

Some of things I have observed about friends are:-

  •  No matter how much they behave rudely to you, they will always be clear from heart.
  •  It doesn’t matter how much you fight with them after sometime you will be talking to them or finding any reason to have a little chat.
  •   Whatever be their way of presenting but they will always be trying to help you and improve you.
  •   It may happen that you don’t be able to observe how they are provoking you to curb your mistakes or deal with your flaws and difficulties.
  •  They will always think your good, no matter whether they show their care for you or not.
  •  You will always miss them.

There is neither any definition of friends nor any type of friends.

There is only one statement about them

“They are just friends or not friends.”

They are like Krishna who ran barefoot the moment he heard  his childhood friend has come to see him. He din’t care about what others think about him being so rich and Sudama being so poor and even clean his feet by his own hands.  They don’t care about anything else they just care about the friendship. There doesn’t come anything like wealth,standard or something like that between friends. There lies trust ,love,care and forgiveness in the friendship.

That’s why Friends are awesome.

Rahul Dravid

10 Mar

It’s very hard to believe that The Wall would no more be there to guard Team India in troubles. It was not the end of career of an Indian cricketer  rather it was end of an “ERA” in which we have watched him playing for us.

He is the man full of patience. You could never test his patience whether you are in same side or in opponent side.

If you are in same side it would be very tough task for you to be on the non-striker end and keep watching him playing.

If you are in opponent side keep bowling and watch each ball of yours being dropped in front of him.

You will be very much excited before you start running and after you throw the ball he will just leave the ball untouched or if touched, it will be just touched. He could that thousand times without scoring any runs.

What would have been the feeling of fast bowlers when Rahul Dravid would have been in no mood of scoring any runs. Just keep leaving the ball or hardly stroking the ball to leave the pitch.


He has been “the Sankatmochan” for Team India.

He has played the role of wicket-keeper for some time.

Many times he has opened the innings for the team.

He was


Some facts :

  • Rahul Dravid is the first batsmen who has registered a score of century in all test playing nations.
  • He has played 93 consecutive five day test matches for India
  • The first player to score 10000-run at No.3 position
  • Rahul Dravid has a record of most number of catches in Test Cricket.
  • His highest knock of 270 runs is the longest innings played by an Indian batsmen in terms of minutes.
  • He holds a record for not being dismissed on a duck for 120 innings consecutive one-day matches.
  • He is only the second non-English cricketer to have hit 3 or more centuries in a two different test series in England, the other being Donald Bradman.
  • First one to have a two Triple Century partnership in the world
  •  Four consecutive hundreds in consecutive four tests.


He has also faced controversy sometimes.

One was ball tampering case in Zimbabwe in 2004 when by mistake parts of a losenge he had been chewing stuck to the ball.

Multan Declaration

One of Dravid’s most debated decisions was taken in March 2004, when he was standing in as captain for an injured Sourav Ganguly. The Indian first innings was declared at a point when Sachin Tendulkar was at 194 with 16 overs remaining on Day 2.


What does your heart say…??

20 Feb

When you wake up in the morning what do you utter ,pray or wish ??

You recite some excerpt of prayers.

You wish something for yourself or someone you whom you really care about..??

Think think…speak out.

What do u get ??

Something must have stepped into your mind.

Well, let it be upto you only.

Everyday we plan something, pray and wish something.

Have you ever thought why do we do that ?

Your answer would be obviously NO.

Somebody must have been saying “Don’t we have anything else to think about…??”

This is what i am trying to dig out .

We pray for them whom we care ,

we wish those things in which we find interest,

we work lively and wholeheartedly only for those things which we really love to do, we trust only those whom we love and have respect for and we have tuning with.

If i am eating your mind then sorry .lets come to the point.

What i am trying to say why do we go for things which we don’t find interest in…???

Why do we trust people who don’t deserve faith…???

I am telling you the answer :

we do because that time we think logically and we don’t feel or we don’t want to sense what do our heart try to exhale out….That time our intellect overtakes our heart and we try to pretend we are happy.

You know once i was in counselling with one of my friends.

I asked him “yar there are three parts of anything to happen. First dream ,second believe in yourself and the dream ,and third and most important the Enactment part.”

He said “Absolutely right.”

Then i returned with the main question “Why do I fail in enacting or my implementation part doesn’t go to last level…??”

He said many things but nothing stormed  into my head that moment except one word DETERMINATION.

I hover over that word and try to extract what exactly is the reason behind it.

The answer comes out “What does your heart say ??”

Few days earlier i was sitting in the library and wasn’t in the mood of studying (Despite knowing that Exam is ready to engulf me in).

That day i watched video clips of Hip hop Dance  for 3 hours . Someone sitting behind was saying “beta Shashi Prakash Padh le kuchh :P”.

One more thing you should always have a break . It is great to work for what you are interested in but sometimes we lost many things in the way of achieving something.

One more example .

Few days earlier i was reading somewhere.

The guy was talking to someone and he said “i am feeling quite tensed.”

His friend asked “Why ?”

He said “Feeling alone.”

He himself was knowing what is happening with him.

His friend asked him “Why do you feel alone ?? Don’t you have friends.”

He replied “Yes.”

His friend : “What is then the problem..??”

He was not satisfied with the behavior of his friend and went off that time.

Next day he took break and simply did something which gifts him pleasure.
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