without girls nothing complete
v got many to compete
v should respect ’em
provided  deserve to hav claim
they should worth
derwise dun look towards earth (means dun bend in front of dem)
sister lke a gud friend 
putting hats off to mom never end
as freinds can be gud
true love not rotten like wood
sister may leave care
to leave you mom never dare 
freind may ignore 
love may demand something more
mom never let ur tears to pour 
from deep ocean of grief she vil take u to shore
u must hav seen many
wudnt  suit any
some have fake attitude
never show gratitude
always been boast off
me always put off
some piddi
very much jiddi
some cute 
but their ego dun let other to salute
think there are many
which make ’em not worthy of any
some cute 
their gud  character make me mute 
with beauty being gracious
with ’em every moment  precious
some very good mate 
with ’em love to have chocolate 
never let ur eyes to leak
to you  never been geek
seems so nice 
their love have no price
some despite being not smart
never let you have dart  …(dart izz a medicine for headache )
some are so beatiful
dat dey make ur life thornful
being cruel n rude
not satisfied with any dude
dun respect feelings 
turning to many virtual killings
some like giant bubble
never let you tremble
some like nice curly hair
by heart being fair
short but not dirt
being gud despite mini-skirt
leading boys to flirt
some break heart
regarding dem have many thing to say
some may let you dismay
some never be away 
with dem i wanna stay
with them have gud perspective
you vil always be respective


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