Life is a Game

life is a game ,
better we call that it is having something from each sports,
to fix place many  effforts are made,
some don’t don’t get chance to play even after selection,
some gotta play after many critical situations….
we make entry lyk cricket batsman,
filled with full immunity and power,
its upon the player how he sets its innings,
despite being playing well he is given out few occasions,
its called hard luck,
sometimes due to oder players’ foul we have to suffer penalty,
yellow card and  red card also,
rarely we get chance of lifesave,
many times we find ourself in trap like rugby,
but like never giving up fighter we break the cage,
and able to reach the point of destination,
some player always have fair play,
few never have,
few times we are also awarded with free kick or penalty,
few grab that successfully ,
few fail,
we always have someone above us to lead,
many audiences are there,
in few cases no teammates are there,
in chess we have to play alone…
even your little mistake can turn around the whole plot,
but if tackle the situations patiently and smartly ,
by managing your resources cautiously,
you will be reaching heights of success,
many times you have cheer leaders ,
but they are with you only in happy days,
sometime your destination turn like ball of billiards,
your ball of destiny depends on others,
sometimes you play well and enjoy the game,
few time you just play the game,
its exit is like that of cricket ,
the way you come -same way you have to go…


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