Eyes say something

Eyes are some sort of way
to express feelings , emotions ,
sometime eyes reveal what in mind,
have you ever expected something from blind ,
many a time it says what it should ,
sometime it doesn’t,
on many occasions it does say
what we are unable to utter ,
it lets us know the feelings
of the person before us,
but at the same time it goes
deceiving us by secret woes,
eyes show shame,
we can identify attitude ,
many eyes want fame,
few without saying ,express gratitude ,
some eyes always angry
many are bright,
a few goes scary
some have cat like sight,
some are gentle
few are mental….
eyes always say something
it depict relationship,
it says manything without saying anything,
sometime we are able to follow
sometime we don’t
which may not affect
while on the other it may do,

and  few time we may lose something….


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