why do i love you(to my would be)

hey miss cute
your beauty turns me mute
wanna hang out
coming the thought
need you to get eyed
without you i might have died
eager to take a glance
wishing for a dance
pretty are your eyes
for you me ready for many dies
whence see your smile
something turns me fargile
on me whenever you lambast
my heart starts beating fast
highly increasing my craze
wanna me to gaze
sitting in the moonlight
with distance being slight
whenever you narrate
makes me elate
always desire to look you speaking
there only me staying and listening
don’t wanna let you go
holding your hand
to not leave you taken a vow
until my heartbeats go infinitely low
wanna have a long drive
without you me always rive
so much you are gorgeous
so much you are magnetic
want to make you mistress
my love  is not dramatic
when you move fast
me blast
watching your hairs
dancing and jumping on your shoulders
to take a glimpse of your face
me always look  for every po’ble space
whenever your smile glitters
my heart opens its shutter
on your every extract
my mind starts to distract
feeling so much of your scarce
that try to make your picture in stars
thence seems
you coming towards me
standing in dreams
running to me
you come close
for me tis doze
fear to touch
as if fake is such
then try to hug
in my eyes goes a bug
my dream harass
and me fall on grass
bugs used to be of few
me sleep in the bed of grass fuul of dew
but of all
my love is tall
can’t see you in probs
for you my heart throbs
not prepared seeing you in danger
everything for you i can be wager
whenever you have sad feelings
my mind starts swirling
put your tension on rake
that gives me headache
so i love
everything i say goes nub…

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