His surroundings give him a happy ending

one sitting in the sun
not able to have fun
as he iz having flu
in treatment doctors don’t have clue
don’t know what to do 
desiring to watch zoo zoo
he need some help
everyone busy with self
need to study
but in virus custody
left izz many work
each moment suffering jerk
but luv to taste perk
constantly want to laugh
wearing scarf
having cough
life seems tough 
having pain 
due to  muscular strain
want to eat 
but conditions on feet 
eager to go out n play 
but ask to stay
sitting inside home
engaged with google chrome
missing friends 
got many bends 
staring at tree
wishing to be disease free
eager to ride bike 
hurt on its own hike
  require to deal with
the illness living beneath 
alive with medicine
bro move sixteen 
sleeping in the lap of mumma 
seems undergoing mental trauma
whence listen song on lappy
becomes very much happy
going to doctor with dad
but not required to be sad
……… (conversation on phone wid love starts )……….
talking to love 
tears need to rub
love says dun worry
me feeling sorry 
not called you yesterday
coming to see you next day 
dun be frightened 
keep ur spirit teghtened 
me know we are away 
but dun be dismay 
vill be there to care
want to stare
u need me 
you miss me 
coming to meet you 
getting chance to serve you 
your condtion izz pathetic 
but make your  moral gigantic 
soon will recover
not need to suffer 
requiring some  patience 
not far izz your emergence 
dying to see you  on top 
now you express i stop
……….(the boy replies now)………
don’t say more 
‘wise my tears willl pour 
missing you so much 
want  to be in touch 
no need to show 
dat much i grow
it will be better 
see you later 
for me you pray
we are meeting next day
getting call from friends 
we are different from trends 
…….(conversation wid friends starts )……
hey man how zz you
all missing you
always making your proxy
you so much sexy
tell us your health rating 
for you we are waiting
ready to sacrifice our life 
one soul being five 
you everyone’s dear
no need to fear
about you teachers giving speeches 
soon vill unclos your stitches 
about you listning from girls 
that increasing your pulse 
suffering from problem in throat 
never will sink your life’s boat 
wounds begin to fill
start being chill
see you next day 
widout you can’t stay 
……..(the boy says)……
hay yar that’s all
my tears will fall
utter only truth
me eating fruit 
no place for sorrow 
going hospital tomorrow
not loosing hopes
as doctor not saying nopes 
missing you all
our friendship izz so tall
nothing gonna happen to me 
evryone with me 
mom dad
friends my dear lad
brother sis 
and my gorgeous miss
see you next day 
bye for today 
……….(now in hospital all come)………
everyone with doctor comes 
patient busy with games 
nothing can be done 
give him every fun …..(doctor’s comment)
its all his fate 
hey beautiful have as many date 
as you can with him
life gonna dim
need to entertain
death zz certain
pray god for miracle
serve him joy of pinnacle 
boy asks don’t lie 
me going to die 
everyone louds no
so lets go
starts having fun
again sitting in the sun
getting love from everyside 
going for long ride 
thinking everything fine
one night  gone to bed at nine 
dreams so deep
forever has to sleep  

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