Wanna go somewhere or missing soemone..??

why i am feeling bad,
seems i am sad,
do i require any heal?
or remained incomplete some zeal…
possessed by some intuition,
having few confusion,
that want something to clear,
due to which getting fear-
something gonna happen wrong,
necessity to be strong.
i want to run fast,
to someone – desired to give lambast,
wanna go somewhere,
one question  where???
eager to stare someone very fair,
from heart ,and hoo care
izz dat my miss,
none other than my sis
why i am so much frightened?
my nerve need to be tightened
y not able to have concentration,
izz dat due to  some sort of frustration,
due to which i am having useless talks,
determinations getting erased like chalks,
why me having little tense,
but without any sense,
do i really need someone,
or god making some fun,
izz that soem sort of moral test,
something must be having twist,
i m eager to get refreshment,
personality undergoing amendment,
no need to flee
will say let it be
it’s better wat gonna happen
 will see them later…

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