The time has come…!!!

Now the time has come
to be ready for all the adverse
to let yourselves burn in hard time
to sustain despite any curse
and refine our personality
the time has arrived
to face the reality
not to go away
but to take the clutches
whether or not feel gay
you should hit your gear
put your hamlet on
whether its dust or rain
don’t give up
if labour goes in vain
don’t let anyone be shut up
you just  get yourself prepared
and  let others feel the sound
of your footsteps after arriving in  the battle
let the grunt of your swords to reach all your critics
so that they feel fatal
which will stop them doing your mimics…
its time to go  for fight
to take a vow
not to sleep
its time to let your all flaws
invisible and visible (physical or mental) to creep…


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