Physically Handicapped

Have you ever think of physically handicapped,
they are facing problem in each and every second of his/her life,
they have atleast one organ not working ,
they face more difficulties than us at every step of life
don’t you feel we should help them,
by helping them lessen their grief…
by doing that you will feel happiness
satisfaction will be there in your inside
that you have done something for mankind..
Its should be our duty to help them,
they are also human beings
they are somewhat special also,
as leading life with one hurdle
ceaselessly engulfing them,
but still moving forward they are
never tremble ,don’t think of giving up,
always fighting till the last breath,
we should take lesson from them,
one thing extra they have
i.e. their helpness which is making them
more strong to fight
and still living life merrily.


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