why do i need you…(dedicated to my family and friends)

whenever anything new happens
i tell you
whenever anything strange goes through my life
i inform you
whence i feel somewhat troubled
i come to you
you let me come out of that and
i come with flying colours
then i feel gay
and you get relax
put my head on your shoulder
then you let me calm down
and make me normal

its the very reason
why do i need you

whenever i get confused
you make me clear
whence i find myself in dilemma
i come to you
whenever i feel myself depressed and frustrated
i talk to you
and you make feel awesome
you enlight me and
motivate to move

all these force me
to feel the need of you

whether or not i tell you
you get to know somehow that i am in
some sort of graveness
whence we cheers
we rock in very fabulous manner
whenever we get chance
we spend memorable moments with each other
whenever i feel your lackness
you are there

that’s the million dollar reason
which let me feel the need of you…


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