Social change 0.01

Before i tell anything about “Social change” i would like to clear the meaning of the word “Change”.
Change is not as simple as it is to utter. Literally we can say that change means an event when a particular
thing passes from one state to another.You can also interpret as transformation.
But when we talk in terms of broad extent and large context we get some different things.
We got manythings which led to have very huge impact on some huge masses in which of those is Social
Social change mainly deals with the masses(common man) .It should affect the common man of the society. We have many 
flaws and problems in our social system. Many things are being done and many such problems are under
process to get over that. 
Let me cite an example the Women Empowerment is still a farthing to achieve .
We are still very slow in that field. The Women Empowerment is seen and experienced only in very few fields and if
they have power to take decisions, people around them don’t let them do or they don’t feel that much secure to find themselves totally
free to tell their opnions or use their power. I am telling in general although women are having many such sort of power in different fields but
the number is very less. You can find that in the very Parliamentry House of our country(Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha).
But in the middle class and so called lower sections of our society , we don’t see so much involvement of women in 
anything in which even,their opinions are given importance, giving power to them are different things.
The situation is changing -many things are being done to let them come in power,they are coming but the fact which should be of great concern
is that it is very slow and the condition for providing them safe environment for such a power is still changing or better we call it improving ,
it has not been improved . This time you must be thinking that you are watching women coming forward and freely enjoying their
powers,but i will advise you to go in village areas where still the situation (better i should say the condition) is not at all tolerable for them.
After having yourself aware of their conditions you will say that Women Empowerment in that place is very much next to impossible.
The change should have been affecting majority of the sections of the society. Here comes the need to let 
echo of change to spread to every section of society. When we will see that the major sections of the women community are feeling secured 
and ready to opens their wings in the respective fields. As we know the that “any change is measured by its impact on the people connected to it”.
So if we are not able to get it to the people who are connected to it .
For that to be happened we need to let every social animal to understand the need of Woman empowerment and its benefits too.
When that will happen,we can say that this is the very SOCIAL CHANGE we are looking at.

One more example I want throw some light on is the Rooting out of the disease like Polio,TB,Leprosy  etc.
As we know that two-three decades earlier these types of diseases are having major part of population in their jaw and were eating them slowly.
After then a time came when the movement for rooting out these disease .Many health center were opened in many parts of the country including
village areas. All the myths and facts were cleared among the people through those movement . These movement has succeeded and still running 
very successfully in the country . The change in life expectancy from about 58 years in 1990 to about 68 years in 2011 is the evidence of the social
change in terminating the code of those life engulfing disease. This is what we call SOCIAL CHANGE which affected the people which are 
connected to it i.e.large part of population(the needy ones of society).

There are many things to say about What is Social change.
I will like to end with “social change don’t grow in retreat but through endurance” .

Its just  a spark you are reading in this article…whole fire is yet to be seen and read. Stay tuned with the frequency of my blog….


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