when i see…i wish to…

Whenever i see stars
i wish my presence seems sparkling
when i look at the clouds
i wish i could light some hope
in those
deserved people who most often heard nope

when i see
i wish to do

when i get the glimpse of sun
i dream to spread light of Intellect and idea of change
whenever i feel the wind
the first thing which strikes my mind
is to eradicate the extortion
and deprival of human rights
my departure take away all the the dust and dirts of society

whence i feel
i want to

when i see moon
i wish to cool all the burns and suffering of all the sick and malnourished people
when a drop of rain splitter on my body
i wish i could be that drop which can mix (society)colours in them
and let (social)dusts be around around that drop only

whence i see
i wish to  

when i feel the warmness of fire
i ought to go for giving heat to those people
who are shivering in the cold wind of starvation and malnutrition
whence i see the cats and dogs rainfall
of injustice and social evil
i wish to appeal everyone
be united and go for social change…


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