Missing you mom and pops

Hey mumma, love you so much
feeling your lackness
why ain't you here ?
wanna have a lovely sleep on lap
whateva i say to you at home
but you are best mummy of the world
never let my tears fall
always letting my moral to be tall
never says no me and mah orders
always helping me with my stuffs
Always defend me 
whence me get scolded by Dad
but Pops me still missing you a lot
hey none is there to care about me 
as you are and always willing to
whenever i do wrong 
your sclodings seem strong
but you love me very much
that's on me you never loosen your clutch
Mumma and Papa please give me some dose
i am going out of control
as nobody here is to take care
that's why me feeling fear
whenever i fall in ditch
you help me to come out
and remain supporting 
till the time i start running
you have always been pushing me up
wheneva i start going down
you have always putting ointment
wheneva i got wounds
i just wanna say you are best of bests
nobody can compete you 
mumma and papa miss you so much...<3 <3 <3

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