Wanna come out of darkness

got tired of being in nutshell
very much eager watch what's outside
trying evrything to break the enclosure
to experience the whole world,
to let my eyes to face the extent of enless sky.

wanna come out of darkness
to throw some of sparxx of volcano erupting inside.

me trying very much hard
to get free from the dark air
not leaving any stone untouched
me falling again and again
but still trying to get up
many a time me not able to just lift up 
sometimes almost to elevate 
but again fall very hard
when find myself on the verge of standing
me find one more demon infront of me
to test mah zeal,courage , mah desire to live
then also i fight 
but dun lose hope 
how many times i fail or fall...

wanna come out of darkness
to live out loud.

just fade up of living in this iniquity
wanna have some light 
which could let my soul and body mesmerized
eager to rub off the everlasting dust little bit
so that me get something to be happy

wanna come out of darkness
to sprinkle like the stars.


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