Scary cave ready to engulf

the man is very much scared off

for the unexpected journey is ready to engulf him in its jaws

before commencement of his long journey

he is worried

many questions are haunting his mind,

what would gonna happen with him ?

Would he be able to tackle all the grave situations waiting to eat him ?

With whom he would be share his happiness

when he would get over the difficulies.

Who will push him up when he starts falling…

Many such things are growing in his mind.


After many such YES and NO’s

like whether he should switch to such type of journey,

should he beg someone to accompany him,

should he stay some more time to begin the voyage

of which he hardly can imagine …

even he is not aware of the path

lastly he decides to live out loud

and what is waiting for him…


In the initiation he is happy

as going for some sort of adventure

the great sunshine whistles the first step of the long walk

the blooming flowers wishes him the great journey

give him the laughing start.


Now after some he gets to face the first task

the man fully of energy putting everything fails

he gets depressed

as being lost so early doesn’t get to his digestion

many tasks he has faced

many times he succeeds

more than that he fails

whenever he starts giving up

the long lasting hills pushes him up

deciding the path he moves forward

the blossom of the sky extends his moral to its limitsless arms

he is now enjoying the journey

as the endless sky is with him

the edgeless earth is lifting him

the invisible stream of air cools the his burns and wounds

slowly and swiftly he is stepping forward

after so many failures and falls

he was on the verge of ending

and that he has to fight with the great stone

he tries very hard

he gives up

that time in bonefrosting

he watches a man reaing his crops somehow

the farmer stays for sometime

then resumes reaping,

never gives up reaping

finally he also learns from that

and lives the last laugh…

The man is very happy

glittering are his eyes

sparkling is his personality

garnished is his character

now he is ready to go for nything in the future…




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