A ride with Zwinex in Dusk

twas the last pinch of day light sparkling

all over the sky

me getting a lot pleasure

watching the mixed colours in the sky

which is the effect of sun light

it seems as if the god has done paintings

in the sheet of sky

me got busy in finding pictures and elements

in that very paintings

the winds started getting crazy

the leafs started flying all around me

twas the great picture i clipped and

saved in mah heart

While i was eying into the paintings of God

i came to pause after i found

a picture which looks like that of ZWINEX(mah angel)

the crazy wind alongwith the Zwinex was glittering

mesmerizing feeling all around me

When i found her alive in front of me standing

I went out of mind

was just watching her

for other things i was blind

she was so much gorgeous

her voice touched me so dulcet

her eyes were throwing sparxx

which was reaching to mah heart

her voice can’t be felt anywhere nytime

she hold my hand and flew with me

me was enjoying the ride in the sky

having lots of fun with her

living each moment

after rain started we landed on the ground

then after me said bye to her

and we went on own way

me dancing in the mesmerizing rain

feeling awesome in the environment circling around me

saved the garnished moment spent with her

and the everlasting memories got stored

in the boombox of mah heart …

Zwinex Love you so muchh..<3 ❤



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