Just see around you…

Have you seen the endless sky in the night having clouds which seem like soft snowy valleys in the ground of dark endless sky ?

Just imagine you are the Emperor of the whole ground .

Nobody is there to disturb you . You are lone one to enjoy the beauty. No need to go anywhere .Just sitting out of balcony is awarding you the great pleasure.

When there is night it seems as if sky is endless ocean and there are so many pearls(the stars) in the small invisible shells through which are sparkling very brightly and giving the needy glow to our eyes.


Imagine that you are watching the high storm and disturbances happening in the ocean when you are watching the clouds many thunder in the sky .

It will let you feel awesome thinking that you can watch what’s happening in the ocean.


Just walk out in the evening and see the sunset it will make you feel as if the sheet of paper in the form of sky is given some colors as if The God was trying to paint something and let it be undone.



The moral of the story is that if you try to look around your surroundings you can find many things which can give you pleasure and some rest from your hectic life.

You can cheers even if you are feeling alone,depressed and anything like that…

Sky ,clouds and stars are there to motivate you ,pushing you up ,

always there wit you to make you happy and garnishing you with pinch of joys and smiles…



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