why clouds are behaving so strange….

It’s the immediate dusk time

moon is torching it’s cool

then suddenly density of clouds increases

and the clouds are getting very much intense



one thing is hitting very much astonishing for me

clouds are looking strange.



it’s not seeming the same friendliness

which was seen earlier


what has happened to them

have i done something wrong…



it’s haunting me deeply

they aren’t saying anything







why clouds are being so rude ,

being very much angry of me,

sometime coming close to me

and gaze at me with very much rage



why they are testing me

it is very much painful




when i try to say something to something ,

they just scatter away looking


as if very much annoyed of me,

louding so harsh in the sky



why are they approaching like enemies

have i done something wrong..??




i am apologizing

if i have mistaken any time


please my friends

i am sorry from the very core of my hear



just pleading ,pleading and pleading

please my friends have a talk like short nap…


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