Just an sms…

i read a sms today …SMS was saying

“if in lyf u have a choice of picking the one who loves u and the one whom you love

then you should go for the person who loves you bcoz u can learn to love but u can’t let anybody learn to love …


One question arises in my mind and this is quite common in day to day life.

The question was “If i don’t have anybody to love me ,but i love someone” what should i do in that case ?

Message sender was quite trying make some diplomatic statement but i said “shut up and listen me”.

No need of sharing your feelings to that person and get hurt and let yourself creep all the time.

In that case just be single and don’t expect anything from anyone ,you will feel better.

You will not get hurt. You should let that feeling be buried under the catacomb of your heart and live your

with great zeal and feel.

However it is also said

“If your heart is broken at any moment of your life then you can go for success if you have learnt something and

decided not to do which is not required”.
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