There is always a plan for you

You must have heard

All happen for some good”.

I would like to add some words to the above well esteemed , very optimistic and encouraging line. I won’t try to modify the line or challenge its validity and trueness ,instead just add some words to it in order to use the line in my own way. And the sentence would go like

All happen for some good directly or indirectly and to someone whether that someone be you or anybody else”.

I am trying to say through the statement that it is not always going to be good all the time directly to you ,it may happen that you get that indirectly.

Well coming to the point , I am just going to throw some sparx on the statement “ There is always a plan for you.”

Whatever be the situations you are underneath and whatever the stuffs you are doing,those deeds and your present situation are just building a plan for you and will be paving the way for something beautiful and great for you. The present situations may be full of colours ,hilariousness or graveness but still that is bringing you somewhere to be in future or to engage with something fabulous in future which would be full of pleasure. I would try to explain the statements through an instance , which is real ,instead of eating your mind through the statements.

About seven months earlier ,i had decided to buy a diary and write down my sayings and daily stuffs .I got intuition of this type . The day was 16th ,17th or 18th of february and i asked my friend Syed Sufiyan Ahmed to bring a diary for me and he asked Chandresh Bhardwaj to do the same.

I had bought the diary to write the daily stuffs but belive me i never wrote anything about daily happenings but inseatd i started writing poems , ballads , articles etc…and I have written many numbers . Number doesn’t matter it matters with the postiveness and energy i got from writingWell don’t ever get a thought that i am trying to praise myself as i am still a beginner in the field and i don’t know whether i write well or not but i know i have lot of flaws in them.

Well, what i am trying to explain whatever you are doing and you are experiencing just keep your positive attitude and spirit stand stilland keep on going thinking THERE IS ALWAYS A PLAN FOR YOU. One more thing i would like to say is that you should be doing soemthing and experiencing something . Just keep on moving don’t stand still . There is always a plan for you whatver you are going through.


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