Never wanted to hate you

Wheneva i saw something related to you

i get to remind of you

and what you have done to me

but still my heart says “you are awesome”.

And utters in love “never wanted to hate you”

and gives me some reasons not to hate you….

but my attitude , mind and your behaviour are not giving me

any clue to show any sort of generousness to you.


But my heart is still waiting for your sparkling smile

is looking for your crackling voice of laugh

still searching a single glimpse of the gorgeous girl

but never get a sparx of hope for his affection

eyes are not able to sleep

still dreaming for you

but one question always asks my heart

why did you betray me ??”

I haven’t even put a complain on you…

many things going inside

everything is in its adverse conditions

but my heart is shouting



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