The wish remained a wish

After waiting for such a long time

me was happy

that i managed to get the courage

to express the words of my heart

to let my love bird to tweet

to move my dancing feet in gay


just was having a wish

to be with you.


That day finding myself on the utter heaven

me was just flying in the sky

my senses were grooming

my heart was behaving like flower of the fresh morning

was feeling somewhat nervous to go before

about what will happen…???


but was going for a wish

to be with you.


My ducati was looking brand new

but still was giving a clean to it

me got ready for the wish

riding the bike

putting fragrance of love around me

and attire of affection in my heart


just was near my wish

then i saw something which pierced my heart.


When i parked my ducati

and was just putting my step forward towards

i found you with someone else

i called you

you din’t hear

i shouted your name

but you ignored

i cried and echoed

I love you and have been waiting for so long”

but you din’t care to give at least your eyes to me


far has gone away the wish

to be with you.


The fragrance has now disappeared in the air

the attire of affection has been torn into infinite pieces

but the torch of love is stilling lightening somewhere in my heart

everything was crushed when i saw you with someone else

my belief was put on fire

my dream castle got devastated

it has turned into ashes





When you went away in the lamborghini

i thought “if you find better in lamborghini then i won’t force you to sit on my ducati”

but my eyes has turned to still

they have stopped dreaming

having torch of love in heart

just searching the smell of togetherness

but now got belief that








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