rockstar(Jordan) roxx

Rockstar ,for which people were waiting ,has rocked the people.

The work done by Imtiaz Ali ,A.R.Rehman and Mohit Chauhan is absolutely praiseworty.

It’s not the typical bollywood film due to which it may not get good response from each segments of our versalite audiences.

Th movie is abrupt and unsynchronized but that’s the main thing i liked about Imtiaz Ali which he has flowed thoughout the movie. Despite non-linearity in presenting the story he was marvellous at his work.

It was the first movie 3 Idiots which has affected me . After watching movie ,when you listen the songs and feel each and every line ,then that feeling just forces you and says “Ek baar aur banti hai yar.”


A.R. Rehman was as usual very much perfect at his work.

Movie was nothing wothout his contribution. The music,lyrics ,modulation of songs was fantabulous.

Everything was making Ranbir Kapoor the complete rockstar.

Wlidness ,frustration ,pain and burning attitude in Jordan’s character was making the rockstar.

Whether it was “kun faya kun”,

sadda haq”,or

jo bhi main”,

each line is telling the feelings of rockstar…

Hats off to you guys….

Imtiaz Ali, AR rehman, Mohit Chauhan and last but not the least Ranbir Kapoor…

you roxx…


The presentation of story was not synchronized but music and songs were synchronized with story completely and thus letting it to reach the heaven .


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