one day without eyesight…

one night me thought

to live  one day without eyesight

just in a world of darkness

before mah two glittering eyes

me put a strip over my eyes before sleeping

and waited for sun to cross the horizon next day.


just wanna live being blind for

one day without eyesight.


The next morning i woke up

the moment i open my eyes

i feel utter darkness infront

not able to find anything

was creeping to find my cellphone

somehow falling and getting up i managed to reach washroom

every step my feet were putting forward

and every strike i got from the surrounding to my body

were letting me go through the pain and difficulty

the people without eyes or  eyesight suffer.


Just was trying to experience the life for

one day without eyesight.


Somehow i got fresh up myself

that day i couldn’t see the beauty of morning

i couldn’t see the rising sun

after that when i began to dress up for work

me realised how would i do anything there

without watching anything

but still i decided to go

i had to use the cab

instead of my lamborghini or ducati

i couldn’t enjoy the ride and flying in the air while riding


me was trying to lead normal life for

one day without eyesight.


When i reached the office

me found many people whispering about me

calling my this idea as ridiculous and rubbish

and laughing on me

but i couldn’t find who they were 

as i was blind that day

whole day i couldn’t do any work completely 

or if i had done anything that was totally rough

finally after halftime, i went away from there

an returned to home.

i was feeling hungry

i went to kitchen

and while  cooking i got my hand burnt

then i called my doctor and

also hotel to bring something to eat


me was realising many things

about the life without eyesight.


After getting treatment and having food,i went to sleep

woke up at late evening

i moved forward to go for a long ride

but then it hit my mind that

i was blind and i couldn’t go

after that me was thinking

only about the ups and downs faced in being blind

and meanwhile i slept

without even having  a loaf of  bread down the throat.


Just have the feeble drops of experience of

life without eyesight.



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