wait,wait,wait but TILL WHEN…???

In our day-to-day journey(Life is a journey) , we all face many situations where we have to inhale the “ wait yar”….

and many times we breathe out the same phrase or any clauses which make someone to wait.


How many of us like waiting in whatever the situation be and whenever we have to…?

Many of us may like that … Seriously speaking it’s hell damn boring and patient task to wait .

It requires to keep nerves cool and calm. That’s why it is possible for those who have the word “PATIENCE” in their books.


When a non-striker batsman asks for a run on which the word “wait” enters his ears and tells him to keep calm and cool. Imagine how does he feel that moment if he is very much desperate to come on the strike or the situation wants him to come on the strike……

When someone is not getting success although he/she is trying his level best. And the flicker of hope ,which would have been some drops of encouragement ,is not being seen. In that case, the nears and dears quote “wait for the good time sweet heart. You will soon get what you are looking for or something better is kept for you. Good times will come crawling at your feet”. At that time, doesn’t the question echo – “wait, wait, wait, but till which time..??”.

Many of you must have seen the picture of the girl sitting near the tree and putting down her . There, you will find the clause “TUM KAB AAOGE”(when will you come ?).

Many boys wait for their girlfriends & crushes on facebook to have some chit chat or on some meeting point. What would they feel when they spend only feeble time with their corresponding ones. Don’t they feel like “Food has been snatched away from after letting them see or touched when they are very much hungry.” Same thing , they have to wait for the next time ,but nobody knows when their wait will be over ?

Whenever you book any ticket and got the status of your reservation as “WL”, don’t you feel “ look, i get WL”. And when your status is not cleared even on the day of travel how do you feel….?? I feel very much irritated.

Same way when you ring someone and have to hear “THE NUMBER YOU ARE TRYING TO REACH IS BUSY ,WAIT OR CALL AFTER SOMETIME”.



Well, we face many things like that in our daily life . Don’t you think everything is in some sort of DEADLOCK (everything is busy waiting for something or someone.).  Don’t you feel there should have been some program or something which would tell us “how much time do we need to wait in accordance with the situation we are in ?”

Or there should have been something like BANKER’S ALGORITHM( this is the algorithm to prevent deadlock we study in process scheduling…).

But it is not like technical stuffs in which we can define nothing between YES and NO ?

In life , there is always a possibility of something between YES and NO and that something is what we call WAITING.

In life, it is not only in waiting but also how well we perform and how good our states remain while we are going through such waiting.


The question will remain unanswered “WAIT , WAIT, WAIT, BUT TILL WHEN…??”.
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