Where is she…???

Whenever i listen any romantic song ,I feel like I am in some network connection of wi-fi named LOVE.

When I shut down my eyes, i find her but she is covering her face. I find her dancing,coming close to me nut also hitting me and kicking me down.She is still a mystery for me .I am not able to sketch her in my mind or even in ma heart.I can just sense her feelings and emotions.

I can identify her approaching towards me. But why doesn’t she uncurtain her face. As soon as i open my eyes ,i feel like i have come in some sort of taruma.I am dying to have a mesmerizing glimpse of my sweetheart but i can just feel her around thinking she is somewhere around me. But couldn’t be able to reveal her presence. Then a question strikes in my mind “WHERE IS SHE”…???

After having some sad songs, i feel like i am the most sadest lover of my age.(That sounds so weird…lolz..:D). I guess she will never come to me . I feel so lone that time is eating me and I can’t do anything except being an spectator. Why she has gone away so far…?? I want meet her and exhale evrything buried beneath the catacomb of my heart. But then again a question strikes how will i find her ..?? Where is she..??

But assurance of love and my affection towards her lightens the hope that i will find her sometime. It is all about to dig out “WHERE IS SHE…???”


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