Social change 0.02

This is the second time i am posting something about social stuff.

First was

You know one thing “India is changing”. India is getting more prosperous in many

aspects. But if India is rising , Indian economy is stepping up , India is expanding its

arms , why is the condition of poor people and lower middle class not changing…???

Why is the gap between rich and poor rising like anything…??

Why the number of people dying of starvation is still around 2.5 million every


Why in a fast-growing economy like India,nearly half the country’s children are

malnourished, with one fifth of the one billion plus population going hungry…??

Why lacs of tonnes of grains are allowed to rot… – this amount would give food to

about lakhs of people for a month…??

Well, there are numerous questions of such concern.

India is changing but only for those who entertain power , only for those bureaucrat.

Don’t think that government have taken so much initiatives to fight those social

disease, yes they have taken but the question is that :-   are the plans and schemes

started by Govt. implemented and processed effectively and efficiently ??

I will “NO” say without any pause . These plans are still in their infancy.

Let me cite some live experience.

In day-to-day life , I face many such situation where i feel i could do something for

them. But due to lack of time and scarcity of fund i couldn’t do nything .

Well that is not of any concern.

Today ,when i was entering into hostel (at the time i was at the gate of hostel), i saw

a lot of children running towards us. Firstly, i was shocked why were they running

??? They were asking for something to eat , but that time i couldn’t respond to them.

You know i couldn’t give them the packet sweets i was having in my jacket.

I din’t understand why couldn’t i let them have my part . This hasn’t happned before.

Whenever i have something with me to give, i never hesitate.

Now i have few lines for those struggling people …(sorry for non-hindi guys, this time i am not

translating  into english).

aaj dil dukha hai

tum yaad aaye

anjanay loog hain

apnay kahan dhoond payein

jagay hain sooye nahin

aisi hai yeh meri baichaini

din bhi wohi raatein wohi

sansoon main sansain hain nahin


Wish you very hunger free republic india.
Vote for me now!


2 thoughts on “Social change 0.02

  1. I have been working in a social enterprise for sometime and I find that most of the steps taken by gov. do not produce the desired outcome because of lack of monitoring and deviation from the main purpose.

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