nothing remains except MEMORIES…

Before writing anything I will have “SHRATANG NAMASKAR” to Lord Krishna because due to his one line “KYA LEKAR AAYE THE AUR KYA LEKAR JAAOGE”(What had you brought and what will you take with you.) one of the famous numerous preachful line from the learned SRIMAD BHAGAVAD GITA, I am writing this much and i have many things to write on it but can’t exhale whole things at a time.

Well i am not gonna teach you any preaching stuff or present some philosphy.

Whenever we shift or change ourselves from one phase of life to another phase do
we have something to bring with us ?

Something diamondly precious …?? What do you think ?
I would answer YUPSIEE..Without any hesitation or pause.
The love ,the words ,the teasings and many such things which my friends and teacher used to give to me.
That is to be very generic in perspective.

To be more specific let me cite you an example.

Don’t you remember school days…??
Don’t you get smile on your face when you turn on the video clips stored in some part of memory ??
Don’t you miss childish fights with friends during school session…??
Don’t you miss the scoldings of school teacher…??
I miss them. I would ask you what about you ..??
And i also know very well that I will miss my college frands after my college will be over.
I will say that what I have got from school life and with those frands (fight them,clearing things,maintaining egocentric behaviour to some people but still have good relation). I have got their love ,their fights , their memories which are diamondly expensive.

One special message to Ankita Gupta (If you are reading this article,Suddenly it strikes):I am missing those classes of Respected Prof. M.Banerjee and solving questions and especially competing with you :P. Gone are those days yar. That fourty minutes in a week was so much tough to survive.

In college days also , some friends will remain in some undefined part of memory.Few show rude attitude to me on some occasion and behaves in very illegitimate and intolerable manner , but i don’t breath out even a word far is the phrase “uff …and other stuff”. I know that i will miss him in future so whom to show attitude and ego my friend whom i respect from the depth of my heart .To whom i share so many things ..who help me in hard times… NO WAY MAN. Sometimes their rudeness lend me some learnings too that also become a integral part of the C drive
of my Brain’s Hard Disk. Well that is going too senti and many wouldn’t like the above said.

I would cite one more instance .
When after ten years you get a phone call from your old friend after you came from exhaustive and hectic working schedule. I guess that would sprinkle much more pleasure and glitters a smile on your face . That pleasure is in no comparison with salary you get from the company.
After some years later , nobody is gonna remember that XYZ was this and that.The things he/she will remind that ABC was my friend.

One more thing i would like to interrupt for those who believe in REBIRTH . Those people also dun bring nything with themselves except memories.

There are many things to write and express but i feel i will reap that raw feelings via the attached video clip.The above instances are one of those phases which we like to capture in memories. There are also many such phases in our life.
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