What does your heart say…??

When you wake up in the morning what do you utter ,pray or wish ??

You recite some excerpt of prayers.

You wish something for yourself or someone you whom you really care about..??

Think think…speak out.

What do u get ??

Something must have stepped into your mind.

Well, let it be upto you only.

Everyday we plan something, pray and wish something.

Have you ever thought why do we do that ?

Your answer would be obviously NO.

Somebody must have been saying “Don’t we have anything else to think about…??”

This is what i am trying to dig out .

We pray for them whom we care ,

we wish those things in which we find interest,

we work lively and wholeheartedly only for those things which we really love to do, we trust only those whom we love and have respect for and we have tuning with.

If i am eating your mind then sorry .lets come to the point.

What i am trying to say why do we go for things which we don’t find interest in…???

Why do we trust people who don’t deserve faith…???

I am telling you the answer :

we do because that time we think logically and we don’t feel or we don’t want to sense what do our heart try to exhale out….That time our intellect overtakes our heart and we try to pretend we are happy.

You know once i was in counselling with one of my friends.

I asked him “yar there are three parts of anything to happen. First dream ,second believe in yourself and the dream ,and third and most important the Enactment part.”

He said “Absolutely right.”

Then i returned with the main question “Why do I fail in enacting or my implementation part doesn’t go to last level…??”

He said many things but nothing stormed  into my head that moment except one word DETERMINATION.

I hover over that word and try to extract what exactly is the reason behind it.

The answer comes out “What does your heart say ??”

Few days earlier i was sitting in the library and wasn’t in the mood of studying (Despite knowing that Exam is ready to engulf me in).

That day i watched video clips of Hip hop Dance  for 3 hours . Someone sitting behind was saying “beta Shashi Prakash Padh le kuchh :P”.

One more thing you should always have a break . It is great to work for what you are interested in but sometimes we lost many things in the way of achieving something.

One more example .

Few days earlier i was reading somewhere.

The guy was talking to someone and he said “i am feeling quite tensed.”

His friend asked “Why ?”

He said “Feeling alone.”

He himself was knowing what is happening with him.

His friend asked him “Why do you feel alone ?? Don’t you have friends.”

He replied “Yes.”

His friend : “What is then the problem..??”

He was not satisfied with the behavior of his friend and went off that time.

Next day he took break and simply did something which gifts him pleasure.
Vote for me now!


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