Rahul Dravid

It’s very hard to believe that The Wall would no more be there to guard Team India in troubles. It was not the end of career of an Indian cricketer  rather it was end of an “ERA” in which we have watched him playing for us.

He is the man full of patience. You could never test his patience whether you are in same side or in opponent side.

If you are in same side it would be very tough task for you to be on the non-striker end and keep watching him playing.

If you are in opponent side keep bowling and watch each ball of yours being dropped in front of him.

You will be very much excited before you start running and after you throw the ball he will just leave the ball untouched or if touched, it will be just touched. He could that thousand times without scoring any runs.

What would have been the feeling of fast bowlers when Rahul Dravid would have been in no mood of scoring any runs. Just keep leaving the ball or hardly stroking the ball to leave the pitch.


He has been “the Sankatmochan” for Team India.

He has played the role of wicket-keeper for some time.

Many times he has opened the innings for the team.

He was


Some facts :

  • Rahul Dravid is the first batsmen who has registered a score of century in all test playing nations.
  • He has played 93 consecutive five day test matches for India
  • The first player to score 10000-run at No.3 position
  • Rahul Dravid has a record of most number of catches in Test Cricket.
  • His highest knock of 270 runs is the longest innings played by an Indian batsmen in terms of minutes.
  • He holds a record for not being dismissed on a duck for 120 innings consecutive one-day matches.
  • He is only the second non-English cricketer to have hit 3 or more centuries in a two different test series in England, the other being Donald Bradman.
  • First one to have a two Triple Century partnership in the world
  •  Four consecutive hundreds in consecutive four tests.


He has also faced controversy sometimes.

One was ball tampering case in Zimbabwe in 2004 when by mistake parts of a losenge he had been chewing stuck to the ball.

Multan Declaration

One of Dravid’s most debated decisions was taken in March 2004, when he was standing in as captain for an injured Sourav Ganguly. The Indian first innings was declared at a point when Sachin Tendulkar was at 194 with 16 overs remaining on Day 2.



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