Do mistakes deserve to be remembered ?

Is there is any valid or supporting point to remember or stumble upon mistakes ?

How do you define mistakes ?

Mistakes are those actions which lead to something undesirable, unexpected or untolerable; so it all depends on the situation whether the action results to anything better or worse. If any action results to something undesirable which can grive us or shatter our expectations then we will call that action as mistakes.

But do we need to remember mistakes?
Answers may vary depending upon the individual perspective and the mistakes committed.

Like other human beings, i have also done such type of actions, of which some are very much dreadful. One thing I have done in my past which i never expect from myself and will never expect.

“I had had a chat with a girl in which i spoke to her in such a way that i can never think of doing even in my dreams. I was so rude and the way, i was talking, was totally untolerable. It was like cursing somebody what i felt afterwards. As soon as i realised i apologise and started to prevent myself from talking to girls or even if i did, i have that with very much senstivity. I just became afraid of myself that “Kahin phir se na ho jaye ?”(means what if i repeat what i have done that time ?)

Does that thing deserve to be reminded or should we walk through any of those type of incidents which we think we should not have done ?

One major thing which is the reason for such type of incidents is that “person could not control oneself for the certain moment and due to any reason whether that be selfishness, greediness, love, affection or whatever that doesn’t matter” means could not control the devil inside and let that rule you. That devil forces the person do the things which are socially, morally and even personally criticised and neglected. Whether others remember his/her mistakes or not but wheneva he/she stumbles upon those incidents that haunt. For some it affects to small extent while for some it matters so much that they aren’t able to google those things down the throat and not able to face the mirror.

We should remember them. That will preach us the lesson but don’t let them worry you to death. Those who learn and move on with resolution that these things shall not be repeated, get away happily and travel the journey of the life smoothly.


11 thoughts on “Do mistakes deserve to be remembered ?

      • You write with a lot of emotion. I like that.

        You have a unique voice.

        I like your style.

        There are times that I feel the sentences can have many meanings because of the syntax and words and line breaks that you use.

        Also, your lack of punctuation also lends itself to further reflection.

        I don’t have any thoughts about fields you should focus on.

        I like what I have read!

        Keep writing!

      • Yes, I do!

        There are times that I like to go back over things that I have written and, sometimes, I see things in the words that I did not notice before.

        It’s really cool, especially since I wrote the piece.

        But time away from what you have written allows for a fresher perspective when you go back and reread what you have written.

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