My first Sketch

My first Sketch

This is my first sketch. I asked my two friends to tell me what the sketch depicts but they couldn’t get the thought process, so I decided to write it down.
Note : Start looking from bottom right corner and slowly move in diagonal upward to top left corner.
You can relate to anything you want. The sketch is depicting a process of which we all are a part.
Let’s see in aspect of life. Initially we don’t know anything. Then we start knowing things bit by bit. Our thinking and persona both expand in the same way. For few years, we could easily distinct the time and even we divide it into different phases. The shape of the curve of life are never circular, it’s always irregular and rough. And there comes a time where we couldn’t divide time into discrete phases but it seems a single continuous phase. In that period, everything happens so swiftly and we find ourselves always occupied with something. It seems as if we are in sea or open sky which never ends.


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