Still a slave

It’s has been 67 years,

I am still feeling slavery inside me,

slave of the govt,

slave of the society,

slave of the illogical and nonsense rules and regulations,

slave of the boundary drawn by the stupid mentality of surroundings.

Take a pause …

imagine what’s happening in the country.

People are deprived of the proper law enforcement,

it is the place,

which is full of silent and chained people,

where fear runs through their veins instead of blood,

where they can’t say a single word against atrocity and conspired mishap,

where some are still putting their life at stake for the country,

and not getting the justice and proper verdict,

where some haven’t eaten full meal for many days,

where females are still not safe on the street,

and they are not given proper justice,

where culprits are moving freely,

while innocents are behind the bars …

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

No matters how much developed we would be,

nobody can entertain the freedom

unless and until,

everybody can

walk freely,

speak freely,

eat freely,

fight for justice,

get the appropriate behavior from the governing institutions,

and the list will go on.

“I am a citizen of India and I am not feeling independence”.


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