Time will come

Each day sailor faces many breathtaking waves,
sometimes he fights with great valor but still is thrown at the shore,
sometimes he gets so much carried away that,
losing the hope,
leaving the rows,
he just keeps on watching the gigantic sea waves,
and floats over the sea with boat.
He knows he will never cross the sea,
if he gives up.
He tries,
tries and
He fights each time he faces
the humongous life-snatching waves,
sometimes even he comes through
devastating storms which rolls the boat upside down,
he knows if he won’t try, he will have to face 
the storm 
inside him off the shore after he backs off.
He will try,
and keep on trying
he knows

Time will come
when he will cross the sea,

time will come 
when he will celebrate his success,

time will come
when he will grow out of struggles,

time will come
when he will come with flying colors.