‘ll meet you there

’twas dark
’twas grave
’twas silent
but the only thing one could feel
was the fear growing inside
’twas burial ground a mile ahead
heart was pumping hard
head was feeling the pressure
somebody came
and asked me to turn back
warned me I’d die
am not here
to survive
I said
there’s one field
life and death
it’s called living
I will meet your there 😀

the thread

being attached to a thread,
the thread drags me,
the thread makes me run,
the thread makes me walk,
sometimes it’s tight,
sometimes it’s loose,
the thread becomes the reason to breath,
the thread becomes the motive to give in,
the thread tests me,
it pushes me,
it gives me bruises,
it gets the controls over me,
I can’t slip it,
sometimes it comes in the form of family,
sometimes friends,
sometimes love,
the other times just the fantasy
the thread is all I have got,
the thread is life.