the confused heart and the chaotic mind

nothing feels right
nothing feels wrong
with so many people around
still feel so alone
such is the situation with
the confused heart and the chaotic mind.

with so many options
and numerous floating situations
everything seems simple
everything seems complex
I want to get away from all the bad
but also
desire to grab all the good from each option
forgetting the fact
good comes with bad
rose comes with thorn.

why am I so confused?
for all the good things
I want to do
for all the bad things
I fear to face.

why do I feel so chaotic?
for the brainstorming
going in my mind
with all the mind maps
I am trying to create.

whatever the outcome may be
chaotic minds can bring a lot of change
confused heart will figure out the option
may have to travel a lot
here and there
to very distant place in search of peace
the curiosity will never die
the anxiety will try to dwell
but the living situation will bring light
and a way to go long way
such is the situation with
the confused heart and the chaotic mind.


she is still a mystery

now I know her
but still she is far
too far to reach
too close to see
too distant to contact
too near to feel the presence
she is known
but still unknown
she is there
but still not there
she is like a mystery
whom you can’t see
but still can feel the presence

The power of love

They came into her place, late;
and they entered her bedroom.

She approached and came quite close to him
then, they kissed.

He started to unbutton her…

but, suddenly, 
she said,

“Stop! Stop! Stop!”

He whispered,
“What happened?”

She cried

“If we do, you won’t be beside me tomorrow morning.”

He just wiped her tears and

“If you don’t want to, we won’t.”

They just kept staring
at each other, 

and both
started softly crying.

Wiping each other’s tears, they started talking while in each other’s arms.

She fell asleep; meanwhile
he kept talking, and, when he realized, he planted a kiss on her forehead

and also slept.

Next morning…he wasn’t there beside her.
When she woke, alone, she was very upset; almost in tears.

Then, suddenly, the door opened and
he entered with breakfast and tea.

The sight of him uplifted her;
she smiled, and,

it seemed as if the whole room lightened.