the walk

the walk
the long walk
the long walk along the river
the long walk along the river with sunset
the walk
the silent walk
the silent walk and winds whispering
the silent walk and winds whispering in ears
the walk
the walk in solitude
the walk in nature’s lap
the walk where eternal peace sustains
the walk where footprints are left
the walk which is desired to be with somebody
the walk which never ends
the walk which never end…

The power of love

They came into her place, late;
and they entered her bedroom.

She approached and came quite close to him
then, they kissed.

He started to unbutton her…

but, suddenly, 
she said,

“Stop! Stop! Stop!”

He whispered,
“What happened?”

She cried

“If we do, you won’t be beside me tomorrow morning.”

He just wiped her tears and

“If you don’t want to, we won’t.”

They just kept staring
at each other, 

and both
started softly crying.

Wiping each other’s tears, they started talking while in each other’s arms.

She fell asleep; meanwhile
he kept talking, and, when he realized, he planted a kiss on her forehead

and also slept.

Next morning…he wasn’t there beside her.
When she woke, alone, she was very upset; almost in tears.

Then, suddenly, the door opened and
he entered with breakfast and tea.

The sight of him uplifted her;
she smiled, and,

it seemed as if the whole room lightened.

because I love you

I didn’t know you that much
but I wanted to know more and more,
and the extent to which I knew,
was enough for me to fall for you,
there is something in you
which makes me feel as if
we have some connections,
I didn’t know what those were
and I don’t want to know now
because I love you.

the more I know you
the more I get eager to know you
the less I want to think about you
the more you live in my head
I don’t want you to change for me
I want you to be with me
I want you to talk to me
I want you to give us a chance
I like the way you are
because I love you.

when you came
for some moments
I begin to feel whole again
I started to believe in hope
but that withered out
as soon as you walked away
it’s hard to be without you
it’s hard to get over you
I don’t know what to do
because I love you.