backtrack between confusion and scotch

I was lost,

I was confused,

I was standing on the cliff,

in one hand there was a glass of scotch,

in another there was a bag full of books,

I was lost,

I wanted to give up,

but my inside was asking me questions,

I thought I could I jump off the cliff,

keep swimming until I get tired,

but how could I escape from this world ?

This place needs people like me

I got back

I decided to resolve everything

I drank whole bottle of scotch

I again went to cliff

with empty bottle

that empty bottle reminds of the void inside me

I was torn

I was motivated to work hard

the whole greenery, sea and sky were my friends,

and they were asking me to go

and said

“do the things you want and you need to,

never whine or cry due to failures or mistakes,

you can do anything,

be ambitious,

be brave.”

I am living the same way,

keep moving,

being ambitious,

drinking scotch.


When somebody r…

When somebody rejects,
when somebody slams the door on face,
when somebody slaps for nothing,
when you get nothing,

then also one should say :
“It’s okay,
stop expecting,
learn living alone