just a matter of time

I’m scared,

I’m distracted,
there are a lot questions which need answers,
I feel broken,
I feel lost,
everything seems complex,
I wish I could open up to somebody,
I wish somebody could understand me,
in whole lot of crowd I feel alone,
the stars are inspiring me to shine,
the rains are patting my back to move ahead,
the greenery is providing me the energy to be positive,
the clouds are the hands who come when I feel burnt,
the earth holds me to basic and fundamentals of everything,
the trees teach me to remain intact until feet is on the ground,
with so much power of nature to support me,
how could I grieve ?
it will take time.
but I will rise,
I will rise and
keep on rising to the limits of sky,
greenery will take me on it’s lap,
and I will cherish every moment,
it’s just a matter of time,
it’s just a matter of time,
just a matter of time,
a matter of time,
of time,


the walk

the walk
the long walk
the long walk along the river
the long walk along the river with sunset
the walk
the silent walk
the silent walk and winds whispering
the silent walk and winds whispering in ears
the walk
the walk in solitude
the walk in nature’s lap
the walk where eternal peace sustains
the walk where footprints are left
the walk which is desired to be with somebody
the walk which never ends
the walk which never end…

It’s so dark in the midnight

Midnight bells are ringing,
sheet of darkness spread over the whole sky,
neither moon or stars are eyed,
where they have gone,
no rain is there,
neither clouds are roaming around,
why there is so much silence in and around me despite so much noise,
what i could find are,
sounds of screeching insects,
not a pinch of light through canopy of trees,
nothing seems comfy,
sitting alone
tries to look beyond the horizon 
and into the distant sky,
eyes are searching for something
may get someone to share
but didn't find any
because “It's so dark in midnight”.

waiting for you …

always liked the way you stare at things

you know i love your eyes

whenever i see you my heart begins to throb

i stopped thinking about anything but you

everything starts to move in slow motion

you are so close

but why do you seem so distant ?

now everything is paused …


why have you gone so much away ?

come close naa…

my eyes and clouds both are raining…

my heart and thunder both are pounding…

my breathes and winds both are swifting heavily…

my eyes is still looking for clamness of your eyes…


but still my feelings and affection are same

that will never change

will remain firm like sun

i am still waiting…


the girl whom i love

the girl whom I love

she looks so pretty that I can’t unseize my eyes off her

There is so much charm on her face that I want to keep looking her

her eyes, full of innocence, sparkles when she laughs

her cuteness multiplied thousand times when she smiles

Why is she unaware of my feelings?


the girl whom I love

she looks most beautiful girl

When she dances in rain,

Leaves are falling on her face,

Water drops are touching her cheeks,

her hairs are tossing on her shoulders,

Why am I playing hide & seek with ‘er?


the girl whom I love

Why is she ignorant of my feeling?

Would she ever come to how much I love her?

Does she have any clue or my love and affections towards her?

Or I will be only playing hide & seek with her.