what if we weren’t afraid?

for how long
will we let fear ruin us?
the fear which we attain,
the fear which we raise,
the fear which we let live inside,
the fear which rules our lives,
the fear which lets us down,
the fear which grows its roots across our lives,
but what if we weren’t afraid?

the kid didn’t protest his father
he was too little and too weak,
the student didn’t recite his verses in class
he was too bond of discipline and rules of school,
the girl didn’t be a leader
she was too shy to get of her closet,
the boy didn’t leave his 9-6 job
he was too afraid to try what he want and fail,
the girl didn’t choose to be a singer
she was too afraid to fail,
the boy couldn’t her ask her out
he was dwelled with fear of rejection.

fear of failure,
fear of rejection,
fear of breaking norms,
fear of breaking rules,
fear of trying new things,
fear of dwelling on old state,
why do we raise fear?
why don’t we come out of our closet?
when is the right time
to let go of chains straining our dreams?
when will we live upto our expectations?
when will we regain our self-esteem?
there are a lot of questions
which can only be answered if we start getting control over our fear.

if we want to see ourselves somewhere,
at any time
at any place
within any situation
we have to start breaking the walls of fear
pin by pin
inch by inch
brick by brick
start moving ahead with delta progress
because if we don’t let go of fear
we will remain enslaved forever
fretting over small things
complaining about situation we get ourselves in
these are not the worth of time
we are giving in.

If we aren’t afraid
we won’t have to listen to anybody
we will listen to our guts
do what we should
do what we want to
we will fail
we will fall
but we will rise
we won’t have regrets
we will try
keep moving forward
we reach somewhere.
keep achieving new milestones.

the heart that keeps us alive

it’s a big world,
we are so small,
this little heart wants to walk all around,
and with so much to face remain standing tall,
it’s the heart
that keeps us alive

at the moment
we achieve anything,
for the reason
we work hard,
with the blessings
we fight for everything we have,
it’s the heart
which keeps pushing the limits,
motivates to higher ground,
brings us to different level,
keeps on beating,
thus keeps us alive.

for the moment
when we get smile from somebody
and feel ecstastic,
for the time
when we feel alone
and need to talk to somebody kinder,
for the good and bad
when we get confused with
what to do,
we go with
what heart let us feel,
pave the way further,
and keep us moving.

for the bad times
when it’s ripped apart,
for the good times
when it brings elation to life,
for the time
when we feel something inside
for family, friends and somebody, if any :D,
it keeps beating.

everything we love,
anything we hate,
anybody we expect,
the craziness we show for anything or anything,
the time we spend and make memories,
the things which I forget to write here,
the things which are too big to write,
the things which can’t be expressed in words,
everything start and ends with the heart
which keeps us alive.

the thread

being attached to a thread,
the thread drags me,
the thread makes me run,
the thread makes me walk,
sometimes it’s tight,
sometimes it’s loose,
the thread becomes the reason to breath,
the thread becomes the motive to give in,
the thread tests me,
it pushes me,
it gives me bruises,
it gets the controls over me,
I can’t slip it,
sometimes it comes in the form of family,
sometimes friends,
sometimes love,
the other times just the fantasy
the thread is all I have got,
the thread is life.

I’m lost

I came a long way,
I traveled with pleasure,
I took each step with excitement,
the journey was rough and smooth,
fascinating and scary,
everybody seemed so real and beautiful from distant
but when I came closer
all went invisible and dark.
I feel trapped,
I am surrounded by darkness,
now I don’t know what to do,
what’s wrong
what’s right
everything is so blurry
that I am confused
now I am lost
I keep running here and there
to find a way out
nobody is here
to help me,
to guide me,
to show me the path,
don’t know what to do,
I have no idea
whether it’s a castle or magic place,
nothing is getting to my head,
I don’t have any option
except moving on searching for the path
because I am lost.

the walk

the walk
the long walk
the long walk along the river
the long walk along the river with sunset
the walk
the silent walk
the silent walk and winds whispering
the silent walk and winds whispering in ears
the walk
the walk in solitude
the walk in nature’s lap
the walk where eternal peace sustains
the walk where footprints are left
the walk which is desired to be with somebody
the walk which never ends
the walk which never end…