I’m lost

I came a long way,
I traveled with pleasure,
I took each step with excitement,
the journey was rough and smooth,
fascinating and scary,
everybody seemed so real and beautiful from distant
but when I came closer
all went invisible and dark.
I feel trapped,
I am surrounded by darkness,
now I don’t know what to do,
what’s wrong
what’s right
everything is so blurry
that I am confused
now I am lost
I keep running here and there
to find a way out
nobody is here
to help me,
to guide me,
to show me the path,
don’t know what to do,
I have no idea
whether it’s a castle or magic place,
nothing is getting to my head,
I don’t have any option
except moving on searching for the path
because I am lost.

because I love you

I didn’t know you that much
but I wanted to know more and more,
and the extent to which I knew,
was enough for me to fall for you,
there is something in you
which makes me feel as if
we have some connections,
I didn’t know what those were
and I don’t want to know now
because I love you.

the more I know you
the more I get eager to know you
the less I want to think about you
the more you live in my head
I don’t want you to change for me
I want you to be with me
I want you to talk to me
I want you to give us a chance
I like the way you are
because I love you.

when you came
for some moments
I begin to feel whole again
I started to believe in hope
but that withered out
as soon as you walked away
it’s hard to be without you
it’s hard to get over you
I don’t know what to do
because I love you.