Am feeling bored…

me feeling bored
mah mind doesn't seem static
my concious behaving like horde
dun even ready to listen romantic
heard few lines of green day
but that increases my dismay
after i had linkin park
seems as if it was dog bark

then moved out of room
weather was at its bloom
sitting on the railing of balcony
watching 3 insects dancing spirally 
in water making a love triangle
which was mesmerizing
making me feel charming
but as soon as they stops 
my mood goes off

wanna have a talk to Seqcy
but don't have balance in cell
mah mind getting hit by bell
now just watching pigeon
but again after it goes into endless sky
my boredom returned to origin
now it seems irritating and frustrating
me getting angry
also feeling hungry...
my mind gets creeping
as not able to comfort myself
in anything viz movies,songs,study,reading something...
dun find an option other than sleeping
n poem writing....:) ...<3