the words we say

now and then

you say

but do you know

what you say

when you say

do you understand what others feel


do you really think so highly of you?

but anyway we say

what we think or think not

there are things

which we say

we don’t mean

but should we say

what we don’t mean.

should we think

what we have in our mind,

what we have in our heart,


what we utter from mouth

do our words match

our thoughts

our inside

when we let it go outside

words mean something to somebody

but not to hypocrite

to all the hypcrites

you say

what you say

you don’t mean

what you say

you are multi-faced creature

get away from me

there are words

which shower love

which show care

which float friendliness

which spreads harmony

but there are arrangement of letters

which brings hatred

which ignites fear

which drives destructive anger

which leads to war

but why do we choose such words?

do you mean

what you say


you just choose to say

what you say


you just say

for the sake


you think

what you say

because sometimes

even truth is not truer.

How did I come to these words?

What’s going inside my head?

it’s us who decide

what to say

what not to say.

do you say

what you say

I don’t understand

what you say

I don’t care

what you say

for you are a multi-faced

I care

what you say

for you are true from inside

you say

what you say

but do think

when you say.

P.S. : This is the second song I have written and this is a rap song 😀


My first Sketch

My first Sketch

This is my first sketch. I asked my two friends to tell me what the sketch depicts but they couldn’t get the thought process, so I decided to write it down.
Note : Start looking from bottom right corner and slowly move in diagonal upward to top left corner.
You can relate to anything you want. The sketch is depicting a process of which we all are a part.
Let’s see in aspect of life. Initially we don’t know anything. Then we start knowing things bit by bit. Our thinking and persona both expand in the same way. For few years, we could easily distinct the time and even we divide it into different phases. The shape of the curve of life are never circular, it’s always irregular and rough. And there comes a time where we couldn’t divide time into discrete phases but it seems a single continuous phase. In that period, everything happens so swiftly and we find ourselves always occupied with something. It seems as if we are in sea or open sky which never ends.