You will reach your destiny….

how many of you think that destiny actually works…???

well may you don’t believe…

let me cite an example…

one i was sitting beside a huge tree and near the root of that tree i watched many insects climbing to go upwards….

then i gotta se that they going to have place for living..there were many pores in which they can go but they were going to certain specific place finally whether they try to go some other than where they finally reached…

What i’m trying to say is that how much you try and how much you fail you will finally get what you deserve because you have framed your path and God has decided something what you are trying to achieve and getting failed ….

there is always a better reserved for you which is your destiny and you are also building your dream path and paving through that but you may not know that fact….

the moral is that you will get your destiny which is made reserve for you and directly or indirectly you going through your path but you don’t have any idea about that….