waiting for you …

always liked the way you stare at things

you know i love your eyes

whenever i see you my heart begins to throb

i stopped thinking about anything but you

everything starts to move in slow motion

you are so close

but why do you seem so distant ?

now everything is paused …


why have you gone so much away ?

come close naa…

my eyes and clouds both are raining…

my heart and thunder both are pounding…

my breathes and winds both are swifting heavily…

my eyes is still looking for clamness of your eyes…


but still my feelings and affection are same

that will never change

will remain firm like sun

i am still waiting…


Friends are awesome.

Friends …

What does this word stand for?

Is there any specific type of person whom We call friends?

Does any definition exist for friends?

Well as far as my experience, vigilance and speculations have tried to look out, I don’t find any. If you find any do tell me.

Well I can say somewhat I know whom to quote as friends and who doesn’t deserve to be.

Some of things I have observed about friends are:-

  •  No matter how much they behave rudely to you, they will always be clear from heart.
  •  It doesn’t matter how much you fight with them after sometime you will be talking to them or finding any reason to have a little chat.
  •   Whatever be their way of presenting but they will always be trying to help you and improve you.
  •   It may happen that you don’t be able to observe how they are provoking you to curb your mistakes or deal with your flaws and difficulties.
  •  They will always think your good, no matter whether they show their care for you or not.
  •  You will always miss them.

There is neither any definition of friends nor any type of friends.

There is only one statement about them

“They are just friends or not friends.”

They are like Krishna who ran barefoot the moment he heard  his childhood friend has come to see him. He din’t care about what others think about him being so rich and Sudama being so poor and even clean his feet by his own hands.  They don’t care about anything else they just care about the friendship. There doesn’t come anything like wealth,standard or something like that between friends. There lies trust ,love,care and forgiveness in the friendship.

That’s why Friends are awesome.