the words we say

now and then

you say

but do you know

what you say

when you say

do you understand what others feel


do you really think so highly of you?

but anyway we say

what we think or think not

there are things

which we say

we don’t mean

but should we say

what we don’t mean.

should we think

what we have in our mind,

what we have in our heart,


what we utter from mouth

do our words match

our thoughts

our inside

when we let it go outside

words mean something to somebody

but not to hypocrite

to all the hypcrites

you say

what you say

you don’t mean

what you say

you are multi-faced creature

get away from me

there are words

which shower love

which show care

which float friendliness

which spreads harmony

but there are arrangement of letters

which brings hatred

which ignites fear

which drives destructive anger

which leads to war

but why do we choose such words?

do you mean

what you say


you just choose to say

what you say


you just say

for the sake


you think

what you say

because sometimes

even truth is not truer.

How did I come to these words?

What’s going inside my head?

it’s us who decide

what to say

what not to say.

do you say

what you say

I don’t understand

what you say

I don’t care

what you say

for you are a multi-faced

I care

what you say

for you are true from inside

you say

what you say

but do think

when you say.

P.S. : This is the second song I have written and this is a rap song 😀

Smoking Cool Lady

At 9 AM, she used to come in driveway and smoke everyday. My arrival time was around 9:15 until I find out her timings, observing her daily going into lift for 15 days. I began to come at 8:55, keep standing besides my cycle and incessantly looking her. I liked the way she used to stand holding the smartphone in one hand and put the cigarette in her mouth. The way she used to take every puff and blow out the smoke out of her mouth, she seemed to enjoy each moment of her smoke. She was so calm and cool that she had to use lighter or matchsticks to smoke.

she was so cool


I used to feel icy

when I looked at her.

she was like the river

which is flowing

and also not flowing,

I wanted to be the wind

who would

synchronize with her flow,

disturb the calmness inside her pleasantly,

always remain in touch,

whisper softly in her ears,

play with the flow,

and get along with the stream eventually.

For a whole month I observed her every day at same place, while sitting at my bicycle or standing beside it, her whole act of smoking used to bring smile on my face. I wonder why they say “smoking is injurious to health”, it was very healthy for me and for her too as she seemed more beautiful and healthy with each day passing by. One day I went to her and asked for a puff, I took a blow and coughed  and she began laughing. “why did you come if you don’t smoke ?”, She asked.

I said  “I just wanted a puff”

“Liar”, she said.

“I like the way you smoke.

You are so calm.”

She laughed.

Our eyes met and we passed a smile. I asked her for coffee, she said yes and then we went for a coffee. We went to Starbucks for three days and thus, we began to hang out. This continued for a while. We played music together, ate ice creams and had had great time.

I asked why did she smoke ?

She replied “why don’t you shave?”

I remained silent.

I shut up and we kept hanging out the way we used to.

She was 29,

I was 21,

she used to call me, “the kid

and I used to call her, “the lady”.

She never let me smoke

I never let her shave my beards.

One day we decided to go on an adventure in which we would board the first train we’d  see and then go on traveling for at least 2 months. For continuous 7 days after we decided on the adventure, we began going to each other’s place. Everyday we drank wine, talk continuously until we slept. Then the day comes when we were moving our adventure. We were coming from two different routes to railway station. We took first train but different trains, she reached there first and took the first train. I got a letter from a kid along with our photo.


The kid,

I am here first and as per our promise, I am boarding the first train I will see. I read your diary when I came to your place last night. I am very much touched after I read those beautiful words. I am handing this letter to a kid with our photo, I hope he will be able to deliver this letter to you. Bye. Miss you.

Have a great journey, see you soon if we may.

Your Lady.

 now whenever I miss her

I go to that place

imagining she is smoking there

holding up the cigarette between her fingers

and slowing playing with the smoke

her eyes were so gorgeous

that smoke around her

appeared like clouds in front of moon.