the confused heart and the chaotic mind

nothing feels right
nothing feels wrong
with so many people around
still feel so alone
such is the situation with
the confused heart and the chaotic mind.

with so many options
and numerous floating situations
everything seems simple
everything seems complex
I want to get away from all the bad
but also
desire to grab all the good from each option
forgetting the fact
good comes with bad
rose comes with thorn.

why am I so confused?
for all the good things
I want to do
for all the bad things
I fear to face.

why do I feel so chaotic?
for the brainstorming
going in my mind
with all the mind maps
I am trying to create.

whatever the outcome may be
chaotic minds can bring a lot of change
confused heart will figure out the option
may have to travel a lot
here and there
to very distant place in search of peace
the curiosity will never die
the anxiety will try to dwell
but the living situation will bring light
and a way to go long way
such is the situation with
the confused heart and the chaotic mind.

just a matter of time

I’m scared,

I’m distracted,
there are a lot questions which need answers,
I feel broken,
I feel lost,
everything seems complex,
I wish I could open up to somebody,
I wish somebody could understand me,
in whole lot of crowd I feel alone,
the stars are inspiring me to shine,
the rains are patting my back to move ahead,
the greenery is providing me the energy to be positive,
the clouds are the hands who come when I feel burnt,
the earth holds me to basic and fundamentals of everything,
the trees teach me to remain intact until feet is on the ground,
with so much power of nature to support me,
how could I grieve ?
it will take time.
but I will rise,
I will rise and
keep on rising to the limits of sky,
greenery will take me on it’s lap,
and I will cherish every moment,
it’s just a matter of time,
it’s just a matter of time,
just a matter of time,
a matter of time,
of time,


backtrack between confusion and scotch

I was lost,

I was confused,

I was standing on the cliff,

in one hand there was a glass of scotch,

in another there was a bag full of books,

I was lost,

I wanted to give up,

but my inside was asking me questions,

I thought I could I jump off the cliff,

keep swimming until I get tired,

but how could I escape from this world ?

This place needs people like me

I got back

I decided to resolve everything

I drank whole bottle of scotch

I again went to cliff

with empty bottle

that empty bottle reminds of the void inside me

I was torn

I was motivated to work hard

the whole greenery, sea and sky were my friends,

and they were asking me to go

and said

“do the things you want and you need to,

never whine or cry due to failures or mistakes,

you can do anything,

be ambitious,

be brave.”

I am living the same way,

keep moving,

being ambitious,

drinking scotch.