Me,sky and dark forest.

One day when i was travelling through the forest,

i had to travel a lot and was not having any map,

and as expected i lost my path,

and found myself stuck

in the sea of darkness

in the denseness of forest,

i found myself lost,

it was giving me the same feeling,

when  i used to get lost in childhood,

and i lost the hold from parents,

consequently i began to remind my childhood,

my heart was saying to sketch something

but how could i do sketching in that dark
without having anything to draw,

just was thinking how to do that,

then i thought why to worry

if i had the limitless sky to put up my  pen  
and exhale my creativity,
then i decided to draw on sky,

the birds flying were playing the role of pencil ,

they were just flying in the sky  

and what i was thinking
was drawn by birds

i kept on giving direction to birds
by moving my fingers

it was appearing as if
there was a great synchronisation among my mind,finger and birds…
Birds were flying

i was getting the pattern of my imagination

taking every bright stars as origin

me had drawn whole night

the next morning i was somehow able to find my path through the forest
and reached my destination…